About Us

Wolf River Golf Park is owned and operated by Little River Casino Resort, a business of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. We’re striving to make the former Bear Lake Highlands into a casual and inviting outdoor recreation option for our community.

Closeup of Little River Casino Resort’s red and green casino chips stacked sideways. In the background, gamers roll dice on a red-felt craps table.  Two large, red and green Wolf River apples on a wooden banister.A smiling elderly couple sitting and enjoying some wine and a cocktail inside the sports bar at Little River Casino Resort.
 A Wolf River Apple tree along the golf course, its branches spread wide.

The name for our new golf park comes from a variety of heritage apples that were grown on the property back when it was an orchard nearly a century ago. Recognized since 1875, Wolf River apples often weigh up to a pound each. The big, juicy pomes are fairly sweet and have a distinctive red and yellow appearance. As a salute to our area’s heritage, we’re incorporating this apple into the property’s redesign.

Little River wants the new Wolf River Golf Park to be the apple of our community’s eye—something we all can enjoy and be proud of.

Golf all season at a great price.

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