18-Hole Golf Course

Our revamped golf course will test your skills, not your patience. It is now friendlier to play for all ages and skills, whether a beginner on a school golf team or a seasoned player.

Shot of a smiling young couple enjoying a day on the golf course.

We just shaped up your game.

Welcome back…to a few surprises. And to brand new golf experience.

The most noticeable item when standing on the first tee is that the fairways appear wider. What we did was remove the rough. That’s right, the grass on every hole is now all cut to fairway height for a more enjoyable playing experience. This also allows you to determine how to play the hole based on how you are playing that day.

While you were away, we also re-seeded all the playing surfaces with modern grass varieties and rebuilt all the bunkers and greens. We’re constructing new teeing areas as well, to add variety each time you visit.

You will now see native areas along the edges of the holes and bunkers to help you plan how best to get to the green. While some bunkers have been moved, and others filled in, all the bunkers have been rebuilt and fresh sand replaced. We also added a few that will build a little pressure when you try to place your shot. While most of the bunkers are small, don’t think they will be any easier! (Here’s a tip: avoid the green side bunker on the 6th!)

Once your ball is on the green, your challenge won’t stop there. All greens have been rebuilt, with undulations added to create a different experience each time you putt.

Soon we will be planting our namesake Wolf River apple trees throughout the course. We also will be rebuilding the orchard that once resided on the property. It’s just another reason why you’ll enjoy a golf experience like no other at Wolf River Golf Park!

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